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JPG Optimizer is a special utility which allows you to perform several image editing functions on your digital pictures. The software is easy-to-use and designed for the Windows operating system.
JPG Optimizer allows you to perform simple image editing operations, such as resizing, rotating, moving, cropping, sharpening, softening and so on.
The program has a colorful interface that allows you to choose a picture from Windows Explorer. The image can be previewed, and a couple of presets are offered (Auto, Standard, Raw).
During the conversion, JPG Optimizer resizes image without quality loss, smartly selects the best resolution and compression ratio for the current picture, converts raw files and even allows you to save the manipulated image in various formats.
Furthermore, you can apply various image adjustments (e.g. white balance, sharpening, contrast and much more) or convert your picture to grayscale, sepia, monochrome, watercolor or comic book, and create smart image collections.
The program is compatible with most digital cameras, and you can easily import pictures from SD card, choose them from your digital photos, and select a couple of image editing settings. Moreover, you can even save the selected photo to a custom folder.
The intuitive interface of JPG Optimizer is very simple, and it takes you just a couple of minutes to figure out how the program functions. As soon as you open the program, a beautiful selection of presets is available. After you choose a preset, the image will be processed with the specified settings.
Of course, the presets can be saved and applied later. The options are clearly indicated on the bottom of the screen. You can see the current settings, which are exactly the same as the selected preset, a list of settings for each preset, information about each setting, their names, descriptions, and more. Furthermore, you can see the settings for selected image, preview the image, change them, and even perform the calculations on the picture.
JPG Optimizer also allows you to save a single or multiple picture to a custom folder. You can choose the extension for the output file, choose a variety of formats, and even decide the picture format. JPG Optimizer also allows you to create smart image collections. You can easily group images and sort them by different criteria (exposure, color, date, etc.).
The final image is shown in the preview window, and you can instantly select a couple of options, save 384a16bd22

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• Defines a database of Macro Keywords and Lists.
• Selects a Macro Keyword from the database.
• A Macro Keyword can contain multiple Lists.
• Lists are defined by separator characters, ie. ‘|’.
• Each List can contain a maximum of 30 Macro Keywords.
• When a Macro Keyword is selected, all List values are displayed.
• Selected Macro Keywords and Lists can be used as an AutoHotKey Shortcut Key.
• Clicking an entry will close the list of all Macro Keywords in the current Macro Keyword group.
• Clicking an entry will close the Macro Keyword list.
• Macro Keywords and Lists can be saved in a Macro Project.
• Macro projects are named as they are saved.
• Macro projects are opened in a list of all Macro projects saved.
• Lists can also be saved in a Macro Project.

Settings Description:

• All Settings must be stored in a Settings Project (“.settings” file) within the same folder as the Executable.
• Add a new Settings Project to the Exe location.
• Add the “.settings” file to the new Settings Project.
• Double click the “.settings” file to open it for editing.
• Click the Edit button in the Settings dialog to open the Settings form for editing.
• Click the Ok button to close the Settings form.
• Click the Save button to save the Settings Project to the Exe folder.
• Click the Save All button to save all Settings Projects.
• Rename the Settings Project.
• Click the Load button in the Settings dialog to load the Settings Project.
• Click the Load button in the Settings dialog to load the Settings Project.
• Click the Ok button to load the Settings Project.
• Click the Ok button to close the Settings form.
• Click the Cancel button to close the Settings dialog.

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