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Create Shortcuts on Windows, Start Menu or Desktop for quick access to the most used utilities:
– Desktop: Rotate cube, Rotate window, Zoom in/out, Quick Open, and more.
– Window: Close window, Start Minimized, Open Maximized, and more.
– Device: Start Bluetooth, Multimedia Keyboard, and more.
– Desktop Notifications: Toggle for Calendar and other desktop notifications.
– Start Menu: Start Windows, Open Desktop, and more.
Included features:
– Supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP
– Supports start menu, desktop, and device
– Supports Rotate Cube and Rotate Window
– Supports various functions:
– Rotate Cube
– Rotate Window
– Maximize/Minimize
– Minimize
– Toggle Start/PC/Device
– Close
– Reboot
– Shutdown
– Status
– Settings
– System
– Devices
– Other
– Utilities
– Default
– Import
– Windows Mobile

Get the WOW Reminder from Ziff-Davis Publishing.
WOW! Reminder is a desktop app that notifies you when it’s time to pay your bills or set up a reminder.
WOW! Reminder is fully customizable and can be shared via Facebook.
KEYMACRO Description:
Add, delete, or edit an alarm or reminder from the WOW! Reminder dashboard.
Then, see when your payment is due or when you have to setup a reminder on your phone or computer.
Included features:
– Adds, deletes, and edit alarms and reminders
– Notifies via text, email, Twitter, Facebook, and more
– Back-up to your iCloud account
– Import your current reminders, events, or due dates from other apps

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